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Men and women aren’t exactly the same (hooray!)

Following on from the discussion about the recent non-appointment of women bishops, I’d like to spend a couple more posts looking at gender-related issues such as Christianity and masculinity, and the Bible and sexism. I want to get the ball … Continue reading

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Women bishops in the C of E

I’m always a bit behind the news with this blog (I work full-time and I’m a dad, which doesn’t leave much time for writing.) So I’m unlikely to surprise many of my readers by announcing last week’s decision by the dear … Continue reading

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Does God intervene? (Deism, divine sovereignty and human freedom)

Responding to my recent ‘Letter to America’, one regular commenter pulled me up quite justifiably on setting too much store by human power. ‘Trust not in princes nor in mortal men…’ (Ps 146:2). Whatever the outcome of the US election, … Continue reading

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Letter to America – use your vote for all of us

As a rule I avoid politics in this blog. I’m not sure politics and theology mix too well, and I think I’m better as a theological writer than a political commentator. I also don’t kid myself that this blog has … Continue reading

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A bad week to be male – Jimmy Savile and other terrible tales

There was a lot of terrible stuff in the news last week (7-13 Oct 2012). The 14-year-old Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai shot by Taliban militia for promoting education for girls. The shocking abduction and murder in Wales of 5-year-old April … Continue reading

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Did Jesus have a wife – and does it matter?

Short answers: probably not, and not hugely. Now for the longer answers if you’re interested… So we’ve probably all heard about the recent discovery of a papyrus fragment that’s being called the ‘Gospel of Jesus’s wife’, based on its inclusion … Continue reading

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Why blasphemy shouldn’t be a crime

‘You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God’ (Exodus 20:7) Blasphemy’s been in the news a fair bit recently. But what actually is blasphemy, and should it be a crime under national or international law? The word … Continue reading

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Accepting insult and criticism – free speech and religious hatred

This follows on both from the last post about blessing the blasphemers, and also the previous one about Christian rights and whether we have the right not to be offended. These issues are still front-page news, with the ongoing protests … Continue reading

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Christian rights vs gay rights?

…or, should we be able to express beliefs and exercise moral conscience in the workplace? So last week we heard about four Christians from the UK taking cases to the European court of human rights about unfair dismissal, relating to the … Continue reading

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