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Covid questions – 2. Is it sent by God to punish sin?

Last time I was saying that one common religious response to strange and difficult times (such as our current Covid-19 situation) is to see them as a sign of the End Times – and that some people even find this … Continue reading

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Why Christian truth is messy

However carefully formulated, our written doctrines, theologies and moral codes don’t and can’t convey the fullness of Christian truth. That’s partly because words aren’t up to the job, as I said last time. But even more it’s because Christian truth … Continue reading

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Breathing new life into troublesome Christian ideas

Or, Rediscovering Christianity practically and symbolically… …or why I’m still fine to still call myself a sinner. These days, there are so many Christian terms that I feel ambivalent or uncertain about – sin, salvation, atonement, heaven, hell, Satan; God … Continue reading

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What does the Bible really say about inerrancy?

So I’ve come to the end of this series on the Bible. This post is a finisher-off for completists, and also for anyone who still believes that the Bible claims to be inerrant. Of course, trying to prove that the … Continue reading

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Sola scriptura – is the Bible really all we need?

So we’re finally coming in to land in this series on the Bible. In this penultimate post I’d like to cover off a few remaining ideas and draw some of the strands together. Multiple perspectives Last time I mentioned that … Continue reading

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The Bible – a question of interpretation?

I’ve said I don’t believe the Bible to be perfect or inerrant in the ways Christians have often assumed. But even if it were somehow perfect in its original form (whatever that is), we can never actually access that original … Continue reading

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The Bible – truly perfect and perfectly true?

So, many Christians assume that the Bible must be perfect because it is (they believe) God’s Word, and God cannot lie or make mistakes; his word cannot be less than flawless (Psalm 12:6). This has led to the doctrine of … Continue reading

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Is the Bible inerrant?

Let’s say for argument’s sake that the Bible is inspired in some sense. Does this mean that every word, every clause, every comma of Scripture must be 100% accurate, inerrant and divinely-ordained? I don’t believe so. To imply inerrancy from … Continue reading

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Is the Bible the inspired Word of God?

Many Christians, particularly evangelicals, refer to the Bible as ‘the Word of God’. What does this really mean? By using this title are we saying that God dictated the Bible; literally spoke or sanctioned all of its words? That it’s … Continue reading

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