Please don’t let Trump in!

I’m not sure if this is more a heartfelt last-ditch appeal to the good people of America, or a desperate prayer to God.

I’m not really expecting this blog to make a difference – but I have to do something, say something, perhaps just to kid myself that I’m not merely sitting helpless, powerless and voiceless while the fate of the world is decided.

So going with the illusion that this will any difference, I beg the American people with all my heart – don’t elect Donald Trump.

Elect almost anyone or anything else you like – a trained baboon, a stuffed sock, a space alien with tentacles for a face. Anything. But please don’t elect Donald Trump.

I know full well that Hillary Clinton isn’t perfect. But the very worst thing she’s alleged to have done surely pales into utter insignificance next to the horrific prospect of a Trump presidency. His unrepentant sexism and racism, his rampant nationalism and warmongering must surely be anathema to anyone without a penchant for dressing in white robes and setting light to crosses. Donald Trump in charge of the Free World is unthinkable – yet it might so easily become reality, if you let it.


Of course, I do realise that there are checks and balances in the US governmental system, that were Trump to take power he probably wouldn’t be able to do half the crazy-awful hate-filled things that have randomly popped into his head and spewed out of his mouth during election campaign speeches. Yet even so, the idea of Trump at the helm of the largest and perhaps greatest democracy on earth, or with his finger anywhere near the red button, is appalling and terrifying on every level.

I know I mustn’t demonise Trump or his supporters – we must think of him and treat him as a human (though if you’ve watched any Doctor Who, I can’t help thinking ‘Slitheen’ whenever I see him). But whatever he may or may not be, he’s not a president – please, America. Please, God.

To those who believe that Trump is the best candidate for Christians – look again at his life, his character and his words, and then read the gospels. Does anything Jesus says or does look in the least bit like Donald Trump, or vice versa? One evangelical pastor has observed that electing Trump would be like doing the deal with Satan that Jesus rejected in the wilderness – ‘give me your allegiance and I’ll give you power, peace, security, victory over your enemies’.

And to those who read the book of Revelation looking for signs of the End Times, I hope you’re aware that the prophecy clearly states that the Last Trump will usher in Armageddon… okay, okay, I’m joking. But right now Trumpageddon feels as bad as anything predicted in St John’s terrifying apocalyptic visions.

So rise up, worthy and intelligent people of America. You’re better than this – even if you can’t in conscience vote for Hillary, please don’t give us Trump.

None of my business

Some of you may justly be asking what business the US election is of mine, and what right have I to comment? But the outcome of who gets to lead the USA will also affect the whole world, yet the rest of us have no say in it and can only watch in fascinated fear. So I appeal to you on behalf of all electorally unrepresented yet deeply involved humanity, remember us and don’t let Trump win. Please.

Some may also ask why make such a fuss just about the US election – why didn’t I make the same appeal to the Russian people not to re-elect Putin? Perhaps it’s because I actually trust American democratic processes and believe that the outcome of the election won’t just be rigged. Perhaps it’s because, despite our many differences, we do speak (almost) the same language and share a fairly huge amount of cultural heritage and values, whereas Russia is largely alien and mysterious to me. Perhaps because I wasn’t aware of the Russian ‘election’ till after it had already happened. Oh, and perhaps because I’m scared of Putin.

Please, God

Finally I turn my appeal to God. Lord, looking at history it’s pretty hard to see your involvement in the rise to power of so many world leaders, from Caligula and Nero to Stalin and Hitler, or indeed to today’s Assad, Putin and Mugabe. Perhaps it’s easier to see your hand in the (preferably non-violent) opposition to such bad leaders and regimes than in their election. And I suspect you allow those of us who are fortunate enough to live in democracies to decide our own political fates to a pretty large extent, without controlling who gets to take power.

Nonetheless, I have to pray about this, for prayer is the only weapon of the disenfranchised and the desperate. Please Lord, don’t let Donald Trump become President of the USA. However bad we’ve all been – and I know that’s pretty bad sometimes – don’t visit that on us, please. Send lightning bolts and locusts, plagues of frogs and hail to lead us to repentance, but not Trump.

Please God, not Trump.


About TheEvangelicalLiberal

Aka Harvey Edser. I'm a web editor, worship leader, wannabe writer, very amateur composer and highly unqualified armchair theologian. My heroes include C.S. Lewis and Homer Simpson.
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10 Responses to Please don’t let Trump in!

  1. jesuswithoutbaggage says:

    I’m thinking of voting for Donald–Donald Duck. 🙂

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  2. jesuswithoutbaggage says:

    enabling comment notifications


  3. tonycutty says:

    Oh this is brilliant. And I fully agree.

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  4. dsholland says:

    I am about to go and vote. I am conflicted by what I see as two less than stellar choices. Ms Clinton is not so different from Mr Trump except he thinks small and she thinks big.

    What I wonder is how does a country so divided deal with either outcome? The comment about “deplorables” (and even your post to some degree) underscore the distain of one half of this country for the other. If Ms Clinton is so much more “presidential” than the loose cannon that is Trump how much more telling is her letting such a comment slip?

    It seems to me that he is a bad liar and she is a good liar – I’m just not sure that makes her more desirable as a leader.

    If nothing else maybe Trump’s candidacy will be enough to wake people up and we will step back from the brink. Maybe America will dodge the brexit bullet. Or maybe it isn’t the horror it was touted to be.

    Fortunately for me my choice is irrelevant. I live in a state that will be blue until that wavelength is removed from the spectrum. Still its my responsibility to do it – so off I go.


    • Hi David, sorry for the slow response! It’s very good to hear from you again – it’s been a while.

      I’ll admit to being deeply biased – my article clearly shows it. And also ignorant – I’ll admit that I hadn’t come across Clinton’s ‘deplorables’ comment, which of course was a deplorable comment, though to my partisan mind it’s outweighed by the sheer volume and breadth of Trump’s deeply offensive remarks. The trouble is of course that liberals like me all too easily label the Trump camp as ‘haters’ when we too are often guilty of hating the other side – or at least the ideas they stand for.

      I do agree that neither candidate was exactly ideal, but of the two available I would have chosen Hillary Clinton a thousand times over before Donald Trump. A person less fit to hold the highest office than Trump I struggle to imagine.

      Of course the discussion is academic now, as the people have spoken and Trump has won, for good or (as it seems to me) ill. I cannot at the moment see this as anything but an unmitigated catastrophe for the world and for America – but I sincerely hope and pray to be proved wrong.

      Bless you David,



  5. capelady7 says:

    Please continue to pray for the US, we need it! And please remember that more of us voted for Hillary than Donald – we’re not all crazy! We do have this crazy electoral system that needs to go. We’re still processing this, and grieving, and I for one am praying there is a greater Plan at work here. We need a great healing of all this fear and hate. Sad to see that there is so much of it. I am trying to remember that God can make a way where there seems to be no way, and all is in divine order.


    • Thanks for commenting – I do and will pray for the US! And yes, I realise that more people voted for Hillary than Donald, and that there are many, many Americans who are devastated by what they see happening. My favourite US blog response so far is this one: From the House of Edward – And so we talk about trees.

      I find it hard to believe that the election of Donald Trump was God’s will or purpose, for God’s will is not always done on earth. I’ll be blogging about that next time! But I do believe that God is at work in whatever happens to bring about his ultimate redemptive purposes, and that in the very end all will be well.

      Bless you.


  6. Connie says:

    I was stunned at the outcome as were many others. Though I am republican I voted for Hilary as Trump is a narcissist that seems to spend his days replying to tweets rather than paying attention to business. I watched an interview with Trump and his wife before the election and through his many marriages ( seems like many) he still hasn’t learned respect. He embarrassed his wife on national television so needs to apologize to her on national television as far as I am concerned. She set her boundaries and he just ran them over… Disgusting. That is only one red flag among many, many red flags. I hope God protects us from this person.


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