Easter: the day the universe was rebooted, and humans became God

I said that Good Friday was the death of religion and the end of theology. It was, in a sense, the last day of the old order; the death of all that had been true and real and important till then.

But Easter is the day the universe is rebooted. The sun comes up on Easter morning and it’s a new sun. Yes, of course its molecules are all the same, but it is nonetheless completely different. Because it is now a part of universe in which death is conquered and entropy ultimately reversed; a universe in which life and love now reigns, evil is disarmed, sin is forgiven, God is reborn and humanity is caught up in the divine.

Of course, it’s only the start now; the new universe is in seed form, and the full flowering is somewhere off ahead in the unknown future. We’re still messy, messed-up people in a messy, messed-up world, on one level. But the mess now contains hope; hope undeniable, unquenchable, uncrushable. Love has already won, and love will ultimately win.


About TheEvangelicalLiberal

Aka Harvey Edser. I'm a web editor, worship leader, wannabe writer, very amateur composer and highly unqualified armchair theologian. My heroes include C.S. Lewis and Homer Simpson.
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2 Responses to Easter: the day the universe was rebooted, and humans became God

  1. Hello Harvey,
    This has enlightening qualities. After many years of studying Religion; Christian, Catholic, Orthodox, Buddhist, Islam, Hindu and Nature, (Incidentally, Pagan worship is as worthy as other Religions, with their belief in the Creator). I now am in my Spiritual Phase. Beyond Religion.
    I Meditate – Pray deeply and often, in my mature years of semi-retirement, to experience the Essence of Love and Light. This is beyond an Image of Yah. (God). God is both Male and Female, if She/He is anything at all. Mankind seems to have slipped into the rut of a Paternal God, however I feel that is like cutting off a leg, then trying to win a race against two-legged runners. A Handicap!

    The Sound of God;
    I prefer “Yah” as this feels like the Primal Sound. The sound we make when we see a newborn Baby, a lovely sunrise or view of Nature in all its beauty, and even when viewing excellent Pyrotechnics. “Ahhhhh!” Or “Yah.”
    Even Atheists and Agnostics say His/Her name, when they are beyond themselves in belief or disbelief at the beauty and wonder of Life. And Yah! Is the sound we make while Yawning. It simply is, and comes out beyond our conscious thoughts. And anyway, I like it. Smile.

    When you feel inspired, I would like to read your reply.
    Kindly, Carmen – Charles


    • Hi Carmen-Charles, thanks for your comments, and apologies for the delay in replying – I don’t get as much time for my blog as I’d like at the moment!

      I’m interested to hear about your spiritual journey and the things you’ve learned in your studies.

      For myself I’m in a slightly in-between place where my heart is drawn towards the more mystical side of Christian spirituality, but I’m still quite rooted in the practices and understandings of classic Protestantism. I no longer identify as an evangelical but I retain some of that way of viewing the world, and it’s sometimes hard to disentangle my view of God and relationship with God from my ingrained Protestant thinking and habits.

      And the odd thing is that, though my theology is more liberal and mystical these days, I still find that I experience the presence God most strongly within ‘charismatic’ and broadly evangelical worship services, when I or others ask the Holy Spirit to come and fill me afresh.

      So I’m not quite sure where I stand but I’m definitely open to insights from other traditions.

      I like your idea about the name ‘Yah’. I’ve written a couple of posts about this revealed name of God, but I concentrated on the meanings of ‘I am’, and haven’t thought before of the point about the sound of the actual word, the sound as you say of awe or of yawning.

      All the best,
      Harvey / The Evangelical Liberal


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