The first of Spring

Well, here in the northern hemisphere it’s the first day of Spring – meteorologically speaking, if not astronomically. (If you’re interested in the ins and outs of the technical definitions, here’s a blog post I wrote for work a few years ago on the subject).

Spring is my favourite season – whether it’s because it’s the season of new life and light after the long cold dark of winter, or because it’s the season of Easter, or perhaps because that when my birthday happens to fall (quite often on Easter day or Good Friday, in fact).

Spring affects people in different ways. For me, I’m afraid, it makes me want to write poetry. So here you go – one I penned on this day a couple of years ago – when the weather was just slightly better than it is today…

On the first day of March

Some window in the sky flings open
And a new and lovely, holy light bursts in,
So heaven-heavy with pure glory I can hardly bear the weight,
And now the wait is over –

And in a thousand trees a thousand birds
Lift up their voice as one and sing,
Sing out their hearts into the still and shining air
Until the light-drenched silence rings with peals of bells proclaiming, Spring!
Like angels heralding the dawn –
The morning stars who sang the birth of time.

Thinnest swathing-wraps of cloud unveil a sky new-born
And life quickens in bud and vein,
And couples kissing in the park know love is something just invented.

The tired and clichéd world is made anew today,
Its scarred and wrinkled face alight with life,
Lit up with joy of being loved;
Everything and everyone is beautiful this moment,
Touched with surprising grace.

Other days will come
When no birds sing and clouds blot out the sun –
But this now day is real, it cannot be undone.
One day it will return and never end.


About TheEvangelicalLiberal

Aka Harvey Edser. I'm a web editor, worship leader, wannabe writer, very amateur composer and highly unqualified armchair theologian. My heroes include C.S. Lewis and Homer Simpson.
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4 Responses to The first of Spring

  1. Oak Hill Studio says:

    Such a beautiful poem! When I was younger, fall was my favorite season. I loved the shadows and brilliant colors. But now that I am older, spring wins, hands down, for all the reasons you highlight in your poem, especially the last line. Thank you for sharing it with us.


    • Thank you very much! I dabble in poetry occasionally but I’m never all that confident about the results, so it’s great to have encouraging feedback. 🙂

      The anxious part of me also wants to explain everything I’ve put into a poem, in case people don’t get it… but that would spoil it, like trying to explain a joke. For me the Bible is best understood poetically too.

      I think I’ve done a similar journey to you, but in reverse – I’ve always loved spring, but more recently I’ve grown to appreciate fall (or autumn as we call it over here 😉 ). I love the colours and the mists, the quality of the light and all the subtler beauty of the season. But spring’s still my favourite. Winter I only love when it’s snowing (which is rare here), and summer when it’s sunny (also rare) but not too hot. (‘Sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shines, / And often is his gold complexion dimm’d’ as a slightly more famous poet put it…)


  2. Oak Hill Studio says:

    Well keep “dabbling” because you’ve got some nice things to share with us for sure!


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