Top comments from March

March was a particularly good month for comments. Here are my pick of the best. If you didn’t make the list, you need to try harder next month 😉

  • Rudest: “This is a lie. You are, like most theists I’ve met, a liar.” From The Barefoot Bum (Read full comment and response)
  • Scariest: “I don’t know you . . . and frankly, I don’t want to… I pray, for your sake that, while there is still time, you will see the light, for if you let it go out, I can assure you the eternal darkness you will have to endure will remind you for a very long time just ignorant of the truth you really are.” From Glynn Adams (Read full comment and response)
  • Kindest #1: “Beautifully written (but I suppose I get the joke)”. From David Holland. (Read full comment and response)
  • Kindest #2: “I like your humor and your views on religion. I have never come across an angelic with such beliefs or would admit them.” From Ray Shoop. (Read full comment and response)

Together these respondents cover the full range from strong atheism through agnosticism to fundamentalist Christianity, with the moderating presence of the lovely David somewhere in between. And really this is what I’m blogging for – to explore a pathway between extremes, and to engage with all viewpoints in between. Keep it coming guys 😉

While Barefoot Bum’s comment was the most accusatory, it was nowhere near as scary as Glynn’s. Glynn’s illustrates two of my earlier posts very well – firstly, that those in the pre-critical / literal stage of faith often view those in the questioning phase as heretical hell-bound apostates. Secondly that fundamentalists can be pretty damn scary, not least to more moderate (or is that ‘wishy-washy’?) Christians.

There was a more passionate response in March mainly because I took the bull between my teeth, or the bit by the horns, and engaged with the good old hot-button topics of atheism and theism. Maybe in April I need to tackle homosexuality, or hell, or the best way to plant hyacinths (you know how vitriolic those hard-line horticulturalists can get). Do let me know if you have any preferences.

In my day job I get to do a little bit of blogging as well, usually on less controversial subjects… here’s this morning’s offering on the Royal Observatory Greenwich’s blog, concerning the possible discovery of new life


About TheEvangelicalLiberal

Aka Harvey Edser. I'm a web editor, worship leader, wannabe writer, very amateur composer and highly unqualified armchair theologian. My heroes include C.S. Lewis and Homer Simpson.
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5 Responses to Top comments from March

  1. David Holland says:

    Lightning rod? Go with homosexuality. In particular, if you live in a part of the world where homosexual marriage is legal then how do you resolve the question of remaining in the state you are redeemed in? If you live in a part of the world where homosexual marriage is illegal should you vote to allow (assuming this is an option)? Do our attitudes need to be moderated toward homosexuals depending on whether or not they are attending our (or any) church? Should we let them attend our church? Is homosexuality sin? Can a site like be scriptural? Why hasn’t God rained fire from heaven on the Westboro Baptist Church? (This one has probably already been covered 😉 )

    But then what will you do with the rest of April? 😉

    BTW – If we made the list can we let up?


  2. johnm55 says:

    I think the barefoot bum is trying to establish his ‘Gnu Atheist’ credentials, but hasn’t quite realised the difference between the bludgeon and the rapier.
    You are right about the scary comment.
    Do you think if I was to do a series on the deficiencies of say, Zen Buddhism it would increase the comment rate on my blog? Voting reform doesn’t seem to be ripping up the blogosphere as yet. Still by the end of the month the entire world may be beating a path to my door in a desperate need to know how to vote on May the fifth


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